NiteRider Lumina 750/Solas 40 Combo Light Kit

NiteRider Lumina 750/Solas 40 Combo Light Kit


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California-based NiteRider originally started making lights to help surfers safely navigate dark streets at night on their way to the best breaks when they were at their least crowded. Now, NiteRider offers a range of innovative, cycling-specific lights to help you see and be seen as you navigate the roads and the trails without the sun. The Lumina 750/Solas 40 Combo Light Kit includes a headlight and tail light, both with intuitive modes to keep you seen in a variety of conditions whether you're riding the trails at night or commuting on dark, pre-dawn roads. As its name suggests, the Lumina 750 illuminates the contours of the road or trail with up to 750 lumens of light from LED bulbs. You can choose between four different preset brightness modes, as well as a battery-conserving daylight flash mode to alert motorists to your presence during the day. Depending on which mode you use, the Lumina 750 will last you anywhere from just over one hour to 18 hours and it can be recharged on the go with the USB charger. If you have access to a high power source (over 500mA), NiteRider's Intellicharge setting can get the Lumina 750 up to a full charge in just three hours, cutting normal charge time in half. The Solas 40's job is to keep you seen by motorists approaching from behind, and it does so with two different flash modes and two steady options. NiteRider takes the tail light one step further, showing an obsession with preparing cyclists for every situation by creating a Group Ride mode for the tail light, which allows you to leave it on to keep you and your ride buddies visible without making them want to drop you mid-ride when everyone gets sick of staring straight into a blinding red light.


  • Know as the best bike lights in the industry
  • Field tested to be durable and functional
  • Always innovative and is the top choice for professionals and amateurs alike.


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