Zipp Super 9 Carbono Back 11s Wheel 2016

Zipp Super 9 Carbono Back 11s Wheel 2016



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the zipp super 9 carbono back 11s wheel 2016 is the fastest wheel ever created. when it comes to speed, everything counts. this is the culmination of a quarter-century of experience molding carbon. the design of the super-9 carbon optimizes even better aerodynamics, the transfer of power, rigidity, lightness and durability. all this with a total comfort. tony martin of omega pharma - quick-step cycling team was one of the first to use the new super-9 and validate on the road that had already been in the wind tunnel and on the computer screen: excellent performance with victory in germany time trial championship and a silver medal in london. this model offers a new world of options for triathletes and time. ess a marvel of speed and aerodynamics with which you achieved a lenticular wheel yielding in addition to great performance on the track and in stages prologue, at the highest level in time trials long and triathlon trials. it is made to compete at the highest level and obtain the best results either in track, time trial or triathlon. assemble bushing 188 riding the rigid shaft 17 mm with adjustable bearings preload and only preload nut aerodynamics of the industry. features: -material: carbon fiber. -type rubber: cover. -weight: 995 g -wheel size: 700 c -hub: 188 -bushing material: aluminum -core: sram / shimano -speed: 11 -mode: road -maximum width: 27.5 mm. -wheel body free compatible with 10/11 sram speeds.




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