Park Tool Anti-Seize Compound ASC-1

Park Tool Anti-Seize Compound ASC-1



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Anti-Seize is a magical substance best known in bicycle applications for preventing titanium from cold-welding into aluminum or other materials. "Cold-welding"? That's when a titanium part basically fuses into an adjacent alloy part. When this happens, the two parts are impossible to separate from each other. When you consider how many high-end components are built with titanium bolts, this is a serious concern: If a titanium bolt cold-welds into an aluminum stem, there's no way in the world you'll be able to unthread the bolt. Keep in mind that while frames and wheels and seatposts and bars all are being made from carbon fiber now, the hardware that holds these items together on your bike is very often made of titanium. In other words, Anti-Seize isn't just for people with Ti frames, but it's an important item for anyone who owns any componentry with Ti hardware. One 4oz. tube will last you a long, long time.

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