Look 2010 KEO Classic Pedal

Look 2010 KEO Classic Pedal



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Look 6010110100 KEO Classic Grey 2010 is ideal for starting cycling using automatic pedals , or for recreational cycle tourism. Slightly heavier than the KEO Sprint pedal, the weight of the KEO Classic remains very light at 140 grams. The glass fiber charged polyamide body, allows for a high resistance and very light pedal body. There is one ball bearing (10mm in and 19mm out) for axial loads and a needle bearing at the middle of the pedal to support radial loads. All Look spindles are subjected to a grueling rotation test of one million cycles at 100 revolutions per minute, with an off centered load of 80kg (which creates an impact at each rev). The adjustable spring tension mechanism allows a smooth release.


  • Ideal for Beginners or Cycle Tourism
  • Weighs 140 Grams per Pedal
  • Glass Fiber Charged Polyamide Body
  • High Resistance and Light Pedal Body
  • Adjustable Spring Tension Mechanism for Smooth Releases




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