Garmin Edge 520 Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 520 Bike Computer



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A few decades ago, a certain television show endearingly predicted that in the future, hovercars, holograms, robots, and impossibly complex gadgets would be commonplace. Now in 2016, it looks like one of the 60's favorite animated families was more prophetic than satirical. Think about it: a gadget like Garmin's Edge 520 Bike Computer delivers live-time updates to Strava, displays your power output when connected to a power meter, and defines your fitness level while you ride. Invest in your taste of the future now and you'll receive a constant ride companion to keep you accountable as you spin the pedals. The only thing it won't do for you is actually ride your bike.The Edge 520 replaces Garmin's Edge 510, appearing as the slimmer, sleeker version of its predecessor and boasting the previously-mentioned ability to broadcast live Strava updates as its showiest improvement. As you ride, run Strava on the device and you'll be able watch yourself complete segments and earn rankings against your local rivals rather than waiting until you get home to learn that you missed a PR by only a few seconds. When you aren't glued to the screen, grimacing with exertion as you try to win a segment, glance at your power output and quickly compare it to your functional threshold power (FTP) if you're using Garmin's Vector power meter pedals. The number acts as a major landmark in a sea of constantly changing power output metrics when you're out riding, letting you know when you're riding at a level that isn't effective for a given day's training goals.Once you sync the Edge 520 with your heart rate strap and power meter, you'll also be able to look at V02 max estimates to help track your progress during a training plan and map out future workouts. Don't try to be a hero when you're using the 520 though--equipped with the ability to give you recovery times after hard efforts, the computer will let you know when you need to slow down to get faster. And for the days when the sky loo...


  • Altimeter: yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor: no, HRM compatible
  • Wireless: yes, ANT+
  • Clock: yes, 12/24 hour
  • Battery Type: lithium ion




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