Fizik Unisex Gobi M5 VS

Fizik Unisex Gobi M5 VS

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Specifically designed for the rigors of all-mountain and marathon riding, the Fizik Gobi M5 VS K:ium Saddle wants to make you comfortable on the trails. The right saddle depends heavily on personal rider preference as well as individual biomechanics and flexibility, and Fizik, renowned for its lithe, sleek race saddles, understands this refreshingly well. It took its Gobi M5 design and adapted it to riders who benefit from saddles with pressure relief cutouts, adding a channel down the center of the Gobi M5 and surrounding it with low-density padding to ensure a smooth, accommodating ride. Accommodating doesn't have to mean soft and heavy, and in the case of the Gobi M5, which weighs in at a claimed 220g, it doesn't. Fizik shapes the 126mm-wide saddle on a carbon-reinforced nylon shell, built with its WingFlex and TailFlex technologies to allow the saddle to flex during the pedal stroke and as you hit rough sections of trail, without flexing so much that it causes chafing, irritation, or a trampoline effect. In the case of a saddle, a fine line exists between too little flex and too much, and Fizik admirably finds the balance with the Gobi M5 VS K:ium. The hardworking shell receives protection from the elements in the form of a combination of cover materials, including Microtex, anthracite, and Cordura nylon, all of which resist wear during exposure to the elements. A set of K:ium titanium alloy rails dutifully supports the shell and cover, using an impressive strength-to-weight ratio and inherent resistance to corrosion to stand up to miles of eventful all-mountain riding.


  • Rails: K:ium
  • Shell: carbon-reinforced nylon
  • Cover: Microtex, [central cover] Anthracite, [rear cover] Cordura
  • Seat Length: 285 mm
  • Seat Width: 126 mm




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