Fizik Aliante 00 Saddle with 7x9 Braided Rails

Fizik Aliante 00 Saddle with 7×9 Braided Rails

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Building on Fizik's popular Aliante saddle platform, the Aliante 00 Carbon Braided Saddle arrives on the scene with a claimed weight of almost 20g less than the venerable Aliante R1. The saddle's double shell is full carbon and incorporates Wingflex technology to ensure a solid yet supple ride quality over a wide variety of terrain. The saddle's body sees a return of the TwinFlex foundation, which uses a stiff outline for support and a more forgiving center to provide cushion for your perineum. Since it's made from carbon, the 00's TwinFlex body saves weight compared to the R, which features carbon injected nylon. In Fizik's Spine Concept estimation of cyclists-as-animals, the Aliante is designed for bulls. Bulls have a relatively rigid spine and tend to rotate their pelvises forward when they ride, an adjustment that requires a saddle with a larger, deeper pocket. That said, this saddle shape has gained a versatile following, and we know many cyclists who can touch their foreheads to their knees while stretching but still prefer the Aliante. The 00 also saves weight by using braided carbon fiber instead of Kium alloy for the rails. The braiding provides a new level of strength against both the clamping force of your seatpost and the load the saddle bears when you take a load off, which reduces the chances of broken rails. The whole thing is capped off with Fizik's black microtex cover for equal parts longevity and style.


  • Rails: braided carbon fiber
  • Shell: carbon fiber
  • Cover: Microtex
  • Seat Length: 275 mm
  • Seat Width: 140 mm


Black, Black/Yellow


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