CycleOps PowerSync ANT+ TrainerCycleOps PowerSync ANT+ Trainer

CycleOps PowerSync ANT+ Trainer



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Have you watched every episode of "breaking bad". twice is your playlist just not motivating you anymore if you said YES to either of those questions, then it sounds like it's time you upgrade to the ultimate indoor training experience. Bring your bicycle ride inside with the leading trainer brand in the world! "ride a bike inside" you ask. "Yes!" cycleops has a full line of indoor trainers that make your bike into a twelve month piece of fitness equipment. Don't lose days of riding just because it's raining, or cold, or dark, or you run out of time. Cycleops trainers are designed with you in mind to help the time crunched athlete maximize their active minutes per day. Made in madison, wi, by saris cycling group, a company with 25 years of USA manufacturing history for the cycling community. All of their products are Backed by a lifetime warranty and award winning customer Service. They truly believe the customer is King, and they design products to help you become fitter, faster, and healthier. No more down time! ride year round! all you need is an ant+ connection to seamlessly (and literally) sync the power sync with cycleops virtual training software. Once connected, you'll feel every epic climb, spin on all the flats, and test your ftp with +/- 5% accuracy thanks to our programmable resistance unit  with power tap technology. All that on our popular, oh so sturdy, classic frame - your indoor training will never be boring again.


  • Made in the USA
  • Built with 100% recyclable, non-rusting materials
  • Electronic resistance unit allows for programmable workouts. Controlled resistance lets you set your slope, power, and other metrics


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