Critical Cycles Chatham-3 Women's Beach Cruiser 26" Single-Speed

Critical Cycles Chatham-3 Women’s Beach Cruiser 26″ Single-Speed

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This is the Chatham-3 beach cruiser from Critical Cycles. With the same hand-built steel frame as its predecessors, the Chatham-3 will carry you across town from home to work and work to play. The Sturmey Archer three-speed hub powers this bike so you can ride up and down hilly areas without fatigue. One of the best parts about a Sturmey Archer hub is that the gears are housed and operated internally. This means that all of the important and sometimes fragile elements are hidden away, shielded from water, dirt, and grime. Your bike will last longer when it’s dry, clean, and healthy. When you need to shift gears, simply twist your wrist to use the grip twister. The coaster brake also makes stopping quickly easy. Never sacrifice control of your bike. The silhouette of the Chatham-3 beach cruiser is clean, sleek, and simple, which means it’s also easy to maintain.


Coral, Sand, Sky Blue


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