Critical Cycles Chatham-1 Women's Beach Cruiser 26" Single-Speed

Critical Cycles Chatham-1 Women’s Beach Cruiser 26″ Single-Speed

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Hop on and ride happy with the new and improved Critical Cycles’s classic beach cruiser. Reminiscent of a simpler time, this single-speed sports a hand-built steel step-thru style frame. High handlebars encourage a more comfortable and better-for-your-back upright riding position. The lower top tube makes getting on and off much easier, regardless of what you’re wearing. The tires are wide, the saddle is cushy, and the grips are soft. Stop on a dime with the coaster brake by pedaling backwards. Control of your ride belongs to you with this simple and clean mechanism. But now our single-speed ladies’ beach cruiser comes equipped with double wall rims and upgraded pedals to make your ride even smoother than before.


Black & Purple, Blush Pink, Coral, Sand, Seafoam, Sky Blue, Turquoise


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