3T Aeronova Team Carbon Handlebar

3T Aeronova Team Carbon Handlebar

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When cyclists talk about carbon fiber (and we seem to talk about it a lot), most of the conversation has to do with weight and compliance. One of carbon fiber's most significant advantages, and one that receives less attention than it should, is its ability to be shaped into near-infinite forms. 3T's Aeronova Team Carbon handlebar takes full advantage of this feature with a shape that's not only comfortable, but as aerodynamic as UCI rules allow. The Aeronova's tops are a true aerofoil teardrop cross section, which fully complements the wind-cheating shapes of your frame's tubes. After all, all that aerodynamic technology in your frame, helmet, and even clothes is wasted if the part of your bike that leads into the wind behaves like a parachute. The 127 millimeters of drop are nice and shallow, but the generous 104 millimeters of reach give you a huge platform to grab whether you're out of the saddle for a sprint or lightly holding the very ends during a long day alone in the wind. They also flare 6 to comfortably accommodate your wrists for those long grinds. If you opt to save weight by omitting bar tape on the flats, the internal cable routing keeps your cockpit tidy.


  • Material: carbon-fiber
  • Diameter: 31.8 mm
  • Drop: 127 mm
  • Reach: 104 mm
  • Width: 40 cm, 42 cm, 44 cm


UD Matte Black


40cm, 42cm, 44cm


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