3T Aeronova LTD Handlebar

3T Aeronova LTD Handlebar

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3T's Aeronova LTD Handlebar is just about the tippy-top peak of cycling cockpit technology that you can put your hands around today. For some perspective, consider that 3T enjoyed some pretty high-profile exposure at this year's Tour courtesy of Dennis' stint in yellow and Teklehaimanot's longer turn in polka dots, but not even riders of their caliber default to the LTD level. Instead, their machines display the telltale red accents of 3T's Team kit. Given its rarity -- even amongst the most celebrated cyclists on the planet -- the Aeronova LTD Handlebar is the HC version of cycling kit: lighter, stiffer, and all-around better even than what much of the peloton rides. As with the Team version ridden by Teklehaimanot during his endless miles off the front in this year's Tour, the Aeronova LTD's flats feature a NACA airfoil shape, which does exactly what you'd expect: cut through air and manage laminar flow across its surface to reduce drag and increase efficiency. The flattened, tapered shape also presents a broad, slightly tapered surface to your palms, netting just a bit more comfort while you're recovering in wheels between turns at the front. The drops also benefit from the involved tinkering of 3T's engineers with an ergonomic shape that tightens up the reach to the aggressive spot at the front while also improving the platform for sprinting or covering attacks.


  • Material: high-modulus carbon fiber
  • Diameter: 31.6 mm
  • Drop: 127 mm
  • Reach: 104 mm
  • Width: 40 - 44 cm


UD Gloss Black


40cm, 42cm, 44cm


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